Certified Professional Bob Uebelhor

Swing Surgeon Certified Fitter - Bob Uebelhor
Bob Uebelhor
Uebelhor Golf Technology
Indianapolis, IN, US
  • Established in 1972 made wood clubs from blocks
  • Learned from Irv Schloss PGA (and many other professionals)
  • One of original starters of the PCS
  • Past President and on BOD 7yrs. Of PCS
  • Taught advanced Clubfitting, Clubmaking schools
  • Certified Advanced Professional Clubmaker, fitter, repairer
  • Traveled 15 states searching for golf club fitting/making info.
  • Retail Business (in 2500 sq. ft . bldg.) since 1992
  • Taught Indiana PGA continuing education schools
  • Designed and built Putters and woods from blocks of metal and persimmon
  • Received 3 patents on Putters in the 1990’s
  • SWING SURGEON MASTER FITTER (Peak Performance Golf Swing Certified Fitter )
  • School of advanced Clubmaking /fitting by Irv Schloss PGA
  • PCS Class A Clubmaker
  • PCS Professional class A clubmaker
  • PCS Advanced Professional Clubmaker,Clubfitter, Repairer
  • PCS International Clubmaker of the Year
  • GCA International Clubmaker of the Year
  • AGCP Master of Golf Club Technology
  • Mitchell Steel Club Certified
  • Aldila Fitting Center
  • Fujikura Charter Member
  • International Clubmakers Guild
  • AGCP Round Table Presenter
  • PCS Advanced Fitting School Teacher
  • FlightScope on site
Services Provided
  • Analyzing, Evaluating , Fitting Golf Swings and Golf Clubs
  • Teaching
  • Putter Fitting
  • Ball Fitting
  • Hybrid Fitting
  • Repair and/or Alter any Golf Club
  • Wedge Fitting
  • Club Set fitting , matching , advising.