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Swing Surgeon Certified Fitter - Greg Courtnay
Greg Courtnay
Courtnay's Custom Clubs LLC
Ionia, MI, US

I started working on golf clubs in 1992. I continually worked on more and more clubs. As word of mouth spread, we could see that there was a need and demand for golf clubfitting, clubmaking and club repair. Courtnay's Custom Clubs was created/started in 1994. I have traveled to Austin, Texas on three different occasions to attend the Golfsmith clubfitting, clubmaking and club repair schools. The last Golfsmith school that I attended and graduated from awarded to me the "Advanced Professional Club Maker/ Club Fitter". In 2007, I joined the "Association of Golf Clubfitting Professionals". After joining the AGCP, I wrote the accreditation test and passed it. Based on knowledge, experience, equipment owned/used in my shop, where my shop is located, along with other criteria, was awarded AGCP Level 10 Retail rating.As a member of the AGCP, I have access to the knowledge of more than 100 outstanding clubfitters and clubbuilders in the U.S. On a daily basis I learn improvements to my clubfitting and club making skills by participating in the on-line AGCP forum. I have attended five AGCP Roundtable meetings to learn clubfitting from the "best of the best."In December 2010, I attended the first Don Trahan PPGS swing instructor/ club fitter seminar. This helped me fully understand the swing and club fitting fundamentals that Mr Trahan teaches and professes.


Golf Club Makers Association (GCA) - Advanced Club Maker

  • Association of Golf Club Professional (AGCP) - Level 10 Retail
  • Golf Club Makers Association (GCA) - Professional Club Maker
  • Peak Performance Golf Swing (PPGS) - Certified PPGS Club Fitter
Services Provided
  • I offer Professional Club Fitting, Professional Club Making and Professional Club Repair
  • I also offer friendly conversation and a free cup of coffee
680 E David Hwy
48846 Ionia , MI
United States
42° 55' 45.9516" N, 85° 3' 41.8176" W
Michigan US

What people have to say about Greg Courtnay

Just want to share with you that I met twice this summer with PPGS certified fitter Greg Courtnay in Ionia, Michigan. To say the least I was overwhelmed by the experience. My first meeting with Greg lasted over 3 hours. during that time he evaluated all my clubs for length, shaft etc and performed a club fitting for a new driver. I am 5'5" and my clubs were too long. I had such good success with my new driver (accuracy much improved) that I went back to Greg for a fitting for fairway woods and one hybrid. Again Greg spent over 3 hours with me doing the fitting and giving me PPGS swing tips along the way. I cannot say enough about how positive my experience with Greg has been. With my new shorter clubs I fell much more in control of my swing, if that makes sense. Based on the characteristics of my swing, Greg built the new clubs using heads with a slight offset. I think offset is the right word. Just can't say enough about how positive these sessions were, how much time Greg spent with me, and the outcome. Ron S.Grand Rapids, MI

Ron S