Certified Professional Joe Redoutey

Swing Surgeon Certified Fitter - Joe Redoutey
Joe Redoutey
Brodie Golf
Lady Lake, FL, US

With over 40 years in the golf industry, Joe and the Brodie Golf Company have been building clubs for everyone from PGA winners, LPGA players, and weekend warriors. He has also designed some of the most successful innovations in the golf industry.

Joe has now joined forces with Harbor Hills Country Club in Lady Lake, Florida where he has developed a state of the art club making and repair facility. He is pleased to make his expertise available to the public and can be reached at any time. The Brodie Golf facility at Harbor Hills will be equiped with the most modern technology available to ensure you are hitting the right clubs for YOU AND YOUR INDIVIDUAL GAME. We pride ourselves on being the most up to date, professionally equipped golf facility in Central Florida, but make no mistake, Joe's services are available nationwide.

We are pleased to offer the public "The Longest Drivers" and multiple winner of the Remax Long Drive Championship, "The Top Rated Wedges on the market according to Golf Magazine," and the finest custom irons, and all designed for your individual game. We are also the finest club repair shop in central Florida.

  • More than 40 years in the golf industry.
  • Innovations in golf club design and construction.
  • Designed the first over-the-hosel irons that were used on the PGA tour.
  • Designed clubs for multiple US Open WINNERS, and two Masters WINNERS.
  • Master of Club Repair, Analysis, and Design.
Services Provided

Club and Swing Analysis
Clubs Designed Custom for each Individual Golfer
Expertise in Club Repair
"If your clubs don't fit right, they won't hit right!!!"

Additional Information

Operating Hours 8:30 TO 4:00 Daily and of course available for appointments.

Brodie Golf
40015 French Road
32159 Lady Lake , FL
United States
28° 55' 2.9496" N, 81° 55' 22.296" W
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