Certified Professional John Dranschak

Swing Surgeon Certified Fitter - John Dranschak
John Dranschak
Dead Solid Perfect Golf Clubs LLC
Sunbury, OH, US

I am a professional golf club fitter and builder, specializing in those following the Swing Surgeon Vertical Golf Swing. I have been fitting and building clubs for over 20 years. I have completed many hours of training on the role of clubfitting in maximizing the results obtained by a golfer with a certain skill level. I have trained at the Maltby Golf Academy, Mitchell Golf, and have attended the Swing Surgeon Instructors School. I have been working with PPGS/Swing Surgeon Golfers for over two years and have many success stories, particularly with those golfers handicapped in some way by physical conditions (arthritis, back problems, partial paralysis) who have found new life in their golf game by adopting the Surge swing.

  • Swing Surgeon Golf Certified Fitter
  • Golf DigestGolf Club Fitter 2011/USA
  • International Club Makers Guild Certified Clubmaker
  • AGCP Certified Club Fitter
  • PCS Certified "Class A" Club Maker/Fitter
  • Maltby Club Fitting Academy Graduate
  • Certified True Length Technology Fitter (TLT)
  • Wishon Golf MOI Certified Club Fitter
  • Mitchell Golf Certified Repair Shop
Services Provided
  • Complete clubfitting using Flightscope launch monitor and high speed video.
  • Dealer for Tom Wishon Golf Technology, Alpha Golf, and Miura Golf.
  • Certified dealer for Accra, Aldila KBS and SK Fiber shafts.
  • In addition to full clubfitting and building I provide reshafting, regripping, loft/lie adjustment, and retrofitting clubs so that the shaft is oriented in the most stable position relative to the target line.