Certified Professional John P. Huheey

Swing Surgeon Certified Fitter - John Huheey
John P. Huheey
Lebanon, TN, US

I have been golf club fitting for over 13 years and have a current USGA handicap of 7 at a private country club here in Lebanon, Tennessee, Five Oaks Golf and Country Club. Please take the time to look at my Website,  www.hugoclubfitter.com

  • Professional "Class A" Club Fitter and Club Maker Certified PCS
  • Professional "Advanced" Club Maker Certified by GCA
  • Certified "Performance Fitting Center" by True Temper
  • Certified Fitter by "Swing Surgeon -Peak Performance Golf Swing"
  • Certified Advanced "Rifle Center"
  • Association of Golf Clubfitting Professionals Certified Level 10
  • Certified "Swing Science Fitting Center"
Services Provided
  • Fitting by High Speed Video @ 240 frames per sec.
  • Vector Pro L. Monitor
  • Golftek V Club Swing analyzer
  • C-Swing 2010 Video analysis
John P. Huheey
501 Lexington Dr.
37087 Lebanon , TN
United States
36° 13' 17.8284" N, 86° 22' 14.1384" W
Tennessee US

What people have to say about John P. Huheey

I just want to let you know how great John Huheey, a PPGS certified fitter in Lebanon, TN, is.  I went to see him this past Tuesday for a fitting. He fitted me for a driver in 4 tries and had me hitting dead in the center of the club face instead of low on the heel.  The fitted club is the most balanced driver I have ever swung and corrected a couple of my swing flaws.  I am absolutely thrilled with the fitting and would recommend him to anyone seeking a fitting within driving distance of Lebanon, TN.  I drove 3-1/2 hours each way and it was well worth the time

Kevin M