Certified Professional Leo van Bennekom

Swing Surgeon Certified Instructor - Leo van Bennekom
Leo van Bennekom
Tee Time 2
Melissant, , NL

"Golf was never meant to be prefect, only to stimulate the pursuit of perfection" is one of my credos. After playing golf for 25 years, and teaching golf for 16 years, I still find this to be so true. I started as a business unit manager in the IT business, but found my heart was with golf, so I pursued my dream and became a golf teacher. Since I speak Dutch, German, English and French quite well, it was easy for me to adapt to all kinds of players, teachers and students in this game. I also founded the Dutch Golf Teachers Federation, and in this capacity I have trained well over 80 professionals who are now earning their livelihood on the golf course and practice tee. On a regular basis I participate in new courses this year I did a special course Iron Shirt of Golf (ISoG) a unique combination of Tai Chi ☯ Goff, inner mind training and martial arts. 

  • Examinor WGTF
  • Master Teaching Professional WGTF
  • Master of school Level III SSG
  • ISoG level I
Services Provided
  • SSG trainings
  • ISoG training weeks
  • Clinics for beginners
  • Club fitting
Bouwdijk 9
3248 LA Melissant
51° 46' 26.1228" N, 4° 3' 35.082" E