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Swing Surgeon Certified Instructor - Stretch Conder
Stretch Conder
Short Game Wizardry
Tempe, AZ, US

Stretch has been an accomplished amateur player in the Phoenix area having competed in the Southwest Amateur, Pacific Coast Amateur, Arizona Amateur and Arizona Open. Upon graduating he turned pro and played on mini tours before working in the golf business locally. As an Apprentice in the SWSPGA he had success in assistant tournaments and in 1989 was Co-Medalist in the Local USGA Open Qualifying tournament. In 1995 he went into the publishing business, eventually ending up as the Senior Graphics Editor for Best Approach making yardage books, scorecards and other golf industry graphics. He never lost the interest in the technical side of the golf swing and eventually found the PPGS site on line. The revelation of how simple and body friendly Don Trahan's swing method got him interested in getting back into the golf industry as an instructor.


PPGS Certified Instructor

Former SWSPGA Apprentice

Services Provided

Stretch teaches all levels of golfer from beginners to Tour players. He specializes in training tournament golfers to see the line and what bio-mechanical movements need to be done in order to make putts under pressure.

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Operating Hours:Daily 0600 to 1800Range lighted Th-Sun until 9 PM