Certified Professional Tony Curro

Swing Surgeon Certified Fitter - Tony Curro
Tony Curro
Tru-Fit Custom Clubs
Latham, NY, US

Tru-Fit Custom Clubs is a mobile tour trailer servicing New York States Capital Region, The Berkshires in Western Massachuetts, and Manchester Vermont. Our trailer is equipped with a full shop capable of doing any type of building or club repqir on site. We feature a fitting studio that is mobile, and is equipped with the Flightscope Launch System. The Flightscope tracks shots in 3 dimension, and the software allows us to give our clients a data-based fitting results. All equipment decisions are based on data, and feedback from our clients. Equipped with cutting edge technology, we have taken the guess-work out of the equasion. Our studio also features a quick connect system with over 2,000 combinations, allowing us to test multiple shafts on the same head, or the same shaft on multiple heads. Our process is time consuming, because it is our philosophy to test every possibility, and fit based on the golfers individual swing charastics. Each of our clients experience is the same level fitting players on tour experience every week.

  • Class A Clubmaker Certification from the Professional Clubmakers Society
  • Advanced Fitting School PCS
  • Advanced Fitting Roundtable AGCP
Services Provided
  • Professional Club Fitting
  • Set Gapping
  • All Club Repairs
  • Loft and Lie Adjustments
  • Re-Gripping Services