Advanced Club Fitting Session with Doc Griffin-Toronto

Event Date: Saturday, March 24, 2018 to Sunday, March 25, 2018

Student Audience: All

Focus: Club Fitting

Cost of Session

$250 USD

All events are priced in US Dollars and charged in US Dollars

Metro Golf Dome
125 Milner Avenue
M1S 3R1 Scarborough , ON
43° 47' 6.4572" N, 79° 14' 47.7888" W
Ontario CA


Doc Griffin Will Be In The Toronto Area

March 24th and 25th

The primary purpose of a club fitting assessment is to identify and establish the club specifications that will help you play your best golf on a more consistent basis. As I've said many times on the PPGS blog, the game is difficult enough without trying to play it with equipment that doesn't fit you. Why suffer through the frustration of not playing well year after year, thinking that the problem is your swing when it could be your equipment that's at fault.

If you are a "reformed" rotational swinger who is now enjoying the many benefits of a vertical swing, your clubs may have been purchased to match a flatter, big-turn swing. Or perhaps you have a club or two in your bag that you just can't seem to hit consistently well, even though you don't have that problem with the rest of your set. If either of these situations applies to you, it's important to have their loft and lie checked by a qualified club fitter. The good news is that this is a relatively easy and inexpensive thing to correct.

Checking your loft and lie is just one part of the comprehensive assessment that I will make if you sign up for one of the few appointment times I have available during my only trip to the Toronto area this year. I am bringing my  FlightScope 3-D Radar launch monitor to measure the key aspects of your swing that the human eye cannot detect, let alone quantify. Register now and confirm your attendance.


This amazing device is used by only the very best club fitters because the unit's base price is over $10,000.


Here's what you will learn about your swing 
if you sign up for my advanced swing analysis & club fitting:


          1. Launch angle         
          2. Carry distance         
          3. Total distance
          4. Ball speed
          5. Ball spin rate
6. Swing speed
           7. Swing tempo
          8. Angle of attack
          9. Angle of ball descent
        10. Centeredness of impact
        11. Lie Angle
        12. Grip Size

Once I have all the measurements, I'll sit down with you and go over each one and what it means and how it relates to you as a golfer. I'll then make recommendations as to the type of club head, shaft, and grip would deliver the best results given the characteristics of your swing.

If your clubs are properly matched to your swing, I'll tell you. But in most instances, there are things that you can do to improve your equipment and increase your chances of making a significant breakthrough in your quest to consistently shoot lower scores. This could mean rebuilding one or more of your existing clubs with new shafts and grips up to ordering a completely new set.

Wondering if switching out your long irons or some of your fairway woods for hybrids would make sense? I'll also be able to speak to that point based on the data I've collected on your swing. It also helps that  I'm a PPGS Certified Instructor so it's easy for me to discern what problems are club-related and which ones are swing-related. 



If you have a question, you can call me at  +1 (803) 798-1030 or email me at

Better Golf Is Just A Fit Away!

J. Lynn "Doc" Griffin
Swing Surgeon Director of Club Fitting Operations
International Top 100 Master Club Fitter

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Don K

Hey Don, Last weekend I had the opportunity to play golf with two of my friends, both of them big time rotational swingers. I have tried over the last few years to get them to just look at the PPGS, to no avail. They have swings that rotate the backswing perpendicular to the ground and follow-throughs that do the same. They both deal with various injuries related to their swings. They both believe that the "boom boom", hit it a mile technique is the way to go. The thing is, that I out drove...

Jon C.

The golf swing you’ve been helping me with is working! I just won the Southern Chapter Assistant’s Championship at Hermitage Country Club in Richmond.

Bob D.

Put simply, the way Don teaches you to hit a golf ball works. His methods are easy to understand and easy to repeat every time you walk up to the first tee.

William F.

After eight hours with Peak Performance Golf, nothing has been the same. I am actually shooting my handicap…and lower!

Mike H.

Frankly, I don’t know anyone who understands the golf swing so completely.